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Asbestos Removal Glove Bags, Asbestos Control Bags and Asbestos Abatement Products

Asbestos Control BagsOur Avail™ glove bags for asbestos abatement from pipe are the number one choice of professional contractors around the world. The Avail™ system offers 15 standard styles of glove bags, each designed to meet government packaging specifications and provide safe, labor-saving performance for your application. Choose from patented extended-run glove bags for long, continuous pipe sections; single-use glove bags for repair and maintenance; vertical glove bags for risers; and special application bags for valves, ducts, and beams.


avail glove bagsAvail™ asbestos removal glove bags include exclusive design features which reduce labor. Fitted Collars allow you to quickly, easily, and securely attach the glove bag, eliminating traps and folds which cause leakage of hazardous materials. Pre-Cut Tops eliminate awkward measuring and cutting labor on the job. Entry Ports allow safe, fiber-tight attachment of the HEPA vacuum and water/encapsulant wand. FiberGuard Glovesleeves utilize a thermal glue bond to ensure an airtight seal at this critical point; they're also precisely positioned to reduce worker fatigue. Latex Work Gloves are cotton-flock lined and extra large for worker comfort. These glove bags have large, conveniently placed Tool Pouches for easy access of tools. No Bottom Seam construction allows debris weight to collect on the bottom of the bag without fear of a leaking or bursting seam.