Over 40 years of experience as a commercial, institutional, industrial, medical and military packaging manufacturer and supplier

Every day you face unique challenges in getting your products to the market. The difference between success and failure can be as simple as the proper manufacturing. Extra Packaging has over 40 years of experience being attentive to the smallest details of our clients’ needs.

We provide solutions to leading companies in a variety of applications such as:


  • Heat Sealing, Impulse Sealing, Ultrasonic Sealing and RF Welding
  • Cutting and Sewing
  • Slitting, Rewinding, Tubing, Sheeting, Bag and Pouch Manufacturing
  • Product Engineering and CAD
  • Custom Product Creation from R&D to Procurement to Finished Goods
  • Military Specifications
  • Shipping and Warehousing
  • Domestic and Overseas Production