metal anchor/clip holding dumpster in place

Dumpster Liner Anchors

Our Liner Anchors hold a dumpster liner in place as you are installing it into a dumpster or a roll-off container. You can now eliminate the frustration of liners not staying in place around the edges and often falls in, particularly on windy days.

dumpster anchor being placed onto edge
dumpster anchor finished being placed onto edge
dumpster anchor in use

Liner Anchors are constructed of 11 gauge Stainless Steel and are available unpainted or Powder Coated Safety Yellow. The wide grip handle allows for easy installation.


  • Eliminates the need for 2-3 employees to install a liner
  • Secures the liner in place, preventing it from falling into the dumpster, which can lead to fines from State and Federal regulatory agencies should waste leak out of the dumpster
  • Holds the liner in place without tearing and prevents the liner from being dragged in with the waste
  • Allows for an easier, neater container and is totally reusable
  • Adjustable to fit onto any container

Installation Process

Place the rounded portion of the Liner Anchor against the interior of dumpster and liner by hooking the handle side over the liner under the outside lip. Then with other hand, push slightly, and the unit will spring into place. Be sure to leave only 6-10 inches of liner hanging over the side of the dumpster, giving liner plenty of slack inside the dumpster. Check that the handle side of the interior lip is beneath exterior lip of dumpster. To remove, just grasp handle, pull out and up, and the Liner Anchor will easily slide off the dumpster. An instruction sheet is included.

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