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About Extra Packaging

Extra Packaging is a commercial, institutional, industrial, and military packaging supplier that is attentive to the smallest details of our clients' packaging needs. We provide custom packaging solutions to leading companies in a variety of applications. We have over 40 years of experience in creating successful packaging solutions.


333 Hollenbeck Street
Rochester, New York 14621

Tel: 585 544 1200
Fax: 585 544 2586
Toll Free: 888 353 9732


736 Glouchester St.
Boca Raton, Florida 33487

Tel: 561 999 1860
Fax: 561 999 1864
Toll Free: 800 872 7548


Renny White (renny@extrapackaging.com) - Military and Government Spec Packaging Material, Black Conductive and Green Nuclear, Anti-Static Bags/ESD Packaging, Permanently Anti-Static Sheet Protectors, Reclosable Anti-Static Cushion Bags, and Aquatank Water Storage Bags, Insulated Envelopes, Stand Up Pouches, Metalized Pouches, Foil Gusseted Bags, Quad Seal Bags, Flat Pouches, Zipper Bags, Contract Packaging, Vacuum Bags, Lip N Tape Bags, Dunnage Bags, Other Waste Bags, High Temperature Film & Bags, Clean Room Bags, Bio Degradable and Compostable Bags, Bioazard Packaging, 95kpa Bags, Water Soluble Paper, and Sterile Ingredient Bags

Lori Lipani (lori@extrapackaging.com) - Dumpster Liners, Air Sickness Bags, Water Soluble Bags, Parent Teacher Folders, Vinyl Holders, Asbestos Glovebags, Paper Bands, Heat Sealers, Cooking Oven Bags, and Cremation Urns

Richard Miller (richard@extrapackaging.com) - Body Bags, Radioactive Waste Bags, Polyurethane Bags, Paper Banding on Rolls and Printed Air Sickness Bags