oven bags filled with bread

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oven reheating bags in various sizes
oven reheating bag holding bread rolls

Specifically designed for reheating on airplanes, our oven-safe cooking bags allow the food to brown through the film which can therefore stay in place throughout the cooking period – so preserving both flavor and juices. There is less weight loss so you get more servings, less need for added fats and, of course, a clean oven.

For the microwave, our oven-safe cooking bags are ideal; they present no barrier to the microwaves and can be used for microwave cooking in direct contact with the food.

In the freezer, our oven-safe vacuum bags stay clean and flexible down to -20°C. They will not stick to meat or to other packages, which enables dishes to be transferred easily from oven to freezer and from freezer to microwave.

We are a leading producer of oven-safe cooking bags for in-flight catering. We are pleased to supply many of the world’s leading airlines and in-flight caterers.

  • Oven bags are made from food-safe high temperature film
  • Static control packaging is available to suit individual airline needs, including paper wire or nylon ties
  • Oven bags are available with or without air vents

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