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Anti-Static Sheet Protectors

XT-2000 Sheet Protectors – Permanently Static Dissipative Loose Leaf Protectors

Our anti-static sheet protectors provide permanent static dissipation, ensuring the long-term security and integrity of sensitive documents in any climate. They can be customized to the configurations you need. That means no size limits and your choice of design features such as snaps, pockets, and punch holes. Dependable, convenient, and cost-effective, Extra Packaging sheet protectors are the permanent solution for sensitive document storage.

Protect your static sensitive documents and devices during transport, storage, and in your factory with shop travelers made from XT-2000 processed films.

Illustration of Anti-Static Sheet Protector

Standard Features

  • 6 mil XT-2000 material
  • Top opening
  • 3 hole punched for standard binder
  • 1 case minimum/100 per case


  • Custom sheet protector options with 2500 piece minimum
  • XT-2000 also available in bags, hand fabrication, thermo formable applications, and roll stock.


  • Full visibility allows for proper product identification, color coding, and machine scanning ability for inventory purposes
  • Humidity independence of the treatment assures permanent protection at any time of year in any climate
  • The treatment process actually increases the strength of the film and has proven to provide permanent static protection
  • Stress cracking, weakening, and contamination will not occur as there are no migratory fugitive additives typically found in competitive films
  • XT-2000 is non-corrosive, safe for sensitive materials, and cost effective


  • XT-2000 6 mil LDPE copolymer gives stable and consistent surface restivity readings of < 1 x 10^12 at 12% RH on both sides under ambient conditions.
  • As the coating is inert and impregnated permanently into the substrate, the surfaces have no additives that will contaminate packaged or contained items through direct contact or out gassing.
  • XT-2000’s electrostatic properties do not rely on non-ionic migratory surfactants and therefore do not lose effectiveness over time. Accelerated aging tests have proven its permanent static protection, eliminating the need to date packages or rotate inventory.
  • Independent laboratory tests show XT-2000 is non-corrosive and may be used with sensitive materials including polycarbonates used in PC boards.
  • The electrical properties of XT-2000 do not depend on atmospheric moisture, packaged items are safe in both low and high humidity environments.
  • The clarity of XT-2000 allows packaged or contained items to be seen in full view for proper product identification, color coding, and machine readability for automated inventory control.
  • The undiluted resins used in the patented electron beam process actually increases the strength of the material allowing users to economically down gauge while maintaining full product protection.
  • Sheets placed in sheet protectors will not discolor over time.
  • Save $ by replacing pink anti-static sheet protectors and job jackets with non-out gassing

Custom Sheet Protectors
Other Applications Styles and Sizes

Use ESD vinyl (anti-static / electrostatic discharge) for all your static sensitive needs. The following options are readily available and can be manufactured in virtually any configuration with no maximum on size limits.

Design your own. Contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Sheet Protector Options

Unlimited design capabilities with 2500 piece minimum order such as:

Illustration of 8 sheet protector options

ESD Vinyl Fabricated Options

Need a smaller or larger design? We can manufacture esd vinyl in virtually any size or shape, no limits, from flat to more complicated hand fabricated designs.

  • Bags & pouches
  • Zippered bags
  • Shrouds/covers
  • Sheets / die cuts
  • Gussets
  • Tubing
  • Printing / hot stamp
  • Hand made specialty items
  • Contact us for design assistance

Technical Data on Permantly Anti-static ESD Dissipative Vinyl

Color:Blue Translucent
Embossing (Texture): Taffeta
Elongation (%):CD 290
MD 310
Tensile Strength (kgf):CD 6.7
MD 7.3
Tear Strength (kgf):CD 1.9
MD 2.0
Surface Resistivity:10 to 10th – 10 to 11th ohms/sq

CD = Cross direction
MD = Machine direction

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