Heat Sealers and Equipment for Vacuum Bags and Other High Pressure Bags

As a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions, Extra Packaging is your experienced source for heat sealers and other packaging equipment. Browse our selection of automatic and hand-operated devices for sealing high pressure bags, food vacuum bags and thermoplastic films.

Hand Operated Impulse Sealers

Impulse Sealers w/ Trim Cutter

Medical Impulse Sealer

Foot Operated Impulse Sealers

Seal & Cut Foot Operated Sealers

Constant Heat Foot Sealers

Adjustable Angle Foot Operated Sealers

Continuous Hand Rotary Heat Sealer

Hand Operated Table Top Sealers

Automatic Impulse Table Top Sealers

Automatic Constant Table Top Sealers

Continuous Band Sealers

Shrink Wrap Sealers

Stainless Steel Sealer

Deli Wrappers

Heavy Duty Thermal Impulse Sealers

Clamshell Sealers

Hand Held Sealers

Vacuum Sealers

PacWrap Heat Gun
Bag Opener / Loaders
Ultra Sonic Hand Held Sealer
Right Angle and Round Sealers

Digital Vacuum Sealers

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