Sleeving Roll Stock
Transuranic Waste drum liners

Sleeving, Bags, Roll Stock

Sound work depends on selecting the right tools and materials that fit the needs of a particular job.

Handling, controlling, and disposing of radioactive or contaminated material in a safe manner requires proper techniques and proper supplies.

Sometimes an off-the-shelf item can satisfy a requirement with little or no extra work. More often than not, special made-to-fit sleeving, bags or other items fabricated from roll goods will provide a more practical, effective solution to a given task.

Extra Packaging provides a wide range of sleeving, bags, and roll goods made from materials that meet stringent quality control criteria and rigorous performance characteristics.

When ordering an item made from roll goods it is necessary to specify the thickness, finish, and color of the material to ensure that we provide you with exactly what you need and expect. Or, we can discuss with you the nature of your project requirements to determine the best mix of material attributes that will best meet your needs.