Comparison of General Properties of Common Flexible Materials
Material Natural Rubber Synthetic Rubber PVC PE/ metallocene TPU (ether) TPU (ester) TPU (aliphatic)
Flex Resistance VG VG G-VG G E E E
Low Temperature F F-G F P E G-VG E
Total Strength G G-VG F-G F-G VG E G
Lamination Ability P G G-VG F E E E
Manufacturability P G-VG VG F E VG VG
Abrasion Resistance F F F-G F VG E G-VG
Chemical Resistance F-G G F-G E G-VG G-VG G-VG
Soft Hand Feel VG VG F-G F E VG E
Recyclability P G-VG VG G E E E
Biodegradability P P P P F VG F
Clean Incineration F G-VG P G-VG E E E
Migration G-VG G-VG P G-VG E E E
Ultraviolet Resistance F-G G G-VG G-VG F F VG-E
Moisture Resistance G G G-VG G-VG G-VG F-G G-VG
Key: E=excellent; VG=very good; G=good; F=fair; P=poor
*Note: These are generalizations for broad material families. Specific grades in each family may offer different behaviors.