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Continuous Hand Rotary Heat Sealer

Model G & F Portable Sealers - Continuous Rotary Sealer

Our Continuous Hand Rotary sealer is designed for convenient, versatile sealing of bulky and unique packages. It was developed in response to some of the unusual sealing problems encountered by military, government and overseas packagers.

Because of the increased use of moisture-proof and vapor-proof enclosures, it is necessary to use a sealer that is applicable for both fabrication and closure. In addition to meeting these requirements, the Continuous Hand Rotary Sealer is portable, light in weight, and readily adaptable to on-the-job sealing of large items.

Airtight seal which meets MIL Specs, and is currently in use by military packagers throughout the world.

With the Hand Rotary Sealer, an operator can seal over splices and thick overlaps with no problem. Materials commonly sealed include heavy laminates, foils and MIL Spec materials, as well as cellophane when used with overlap labels. On lighter materials, a sealing speed of up to 400 inches per minute can be achieved.

Its portability makes the Hand Rotary Sealer one of the fastest, most easy-to-use heat sealers available. Just as important, the machine delivers a high quality,

Two Sealing Impressions (1" Wide)
Continuous Rotary Sealer

Model F, Flat Seal. Many sealing applications require only a standard, flat, one-inch seal as delivered by the Model F Hand Rotary Sealer. If a grooved seal is required, an optional conversion kit is available to change a Model F into a Model G.

Continuous Rotary Sealer

Model G, Grooved Seal. Where large enclosures are being fabricated, or where spliced material is being used, double-beaded "grooved" rolls can be furnished . On the Model G Sealer, one of the pre-heated bars is spring-loaded to bring both bars into contact with the material. This provides more heat and softening of fold-over material to improve seal strength and make tight seals over splices and overlaps.

* Both the Model F and the Model G are available in 115 volt or 220 volt

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