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Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage

Extra Packaging's Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Air Bags™ combine excellent performance with considerable cost savings over competing dunnage bags. Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Bags are designed to brace and secure loads in transit. Inflatable Packaging brings many new features to truck dunnage. Unlike paper or vinyl, IPI uses a transparent polymer film. This unique film gives Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Bags weight and handling advantages over competing bags. In addition to delivering superior performance Air-Lock™ Dunnage Bags provide the lowest overall cost in the industry. Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Bags are a cost effective alternative to other dunnage bags.

Features and Benefits of Truck Dunnage

  • See-thru Bag inflates in less than 30 seconds
  • Robust Polymer adheres to stretch film
  • Simple, secure re-enterable valve
  • Load stabilization for spaces up to 24 inches
  • Ships 600/1200 bags per pallet as LTL
  • Ideal replacement for costly paper bags
  • #4 Recycling compatible (Same as stretch film)


Inflatable Packaging Air Lock™ Truck Dunnage bags are used for load stabilization of palletized products in trailers and containers. IPI's Dunnage Air Bags work and will perform because of their conforming and pliable structure. An industrial strength clear polymer film clings to stretch wrapped pallets to eliminate migration and high pressure often associated with paper bags. IPI's easy to use bags will perform as expected whether the loads are routine boxes or non-conforming palletized pails, drums, film rolls, etc. Choose Air-Lock Truck Dunnage to secure your valuable loads.

Because of the unique see-thru design barcodes and be read directly through the bag.

Our dunnage bags are uniquely able to conform and contour around you load. This allows for superior locking and bracing while in transit.

True Innovation

Innovative Design
Inflatable Packaging’s Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage bags are designed with ease of use and durability in mind. Air-Lock™ bags are the lightest and easiest to handle in the industry. IPI’s unique self sealing valve system allows for high speed inflation, multiple re-entries for adjustments and even deflation. IPI’s Venturi action inflator can fill most Air-Lock Truck™ Dunnage bags in less than a minute.
The Courier Pack Advantage
IPI offers convenient Truck Dunnage Air Bag Courier Packs. These unique packs are shippable by standard overnight carriers and can contain up to 100 Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage Bags depending on size. They are perfect for use in “Just In Time” facilities. Courier Packs are also an excellent solution for smaller/lower volume facilities. Ordering a Courier Pack from Inflatable Packaging provides a great way to test our Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage bags.
Amazing Valve
Our patent pending re-enterable self sealing valve system holds air for over 60 days to protect your shipments. The custom designed valve system allows for simple and rapid inflation with no wearable components on either the valve or inflator. Click here to see a close up of the valve and inflator.
Enviromentaly Friendly
All Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage bags are #4 Recyclable, and can safely be combined in the same trash stream as stretch film. In addition Air-Lock™ Truck Dunnage bags can be deflated and reused.
Superior Film
The clear polymer film used to make every IPI Truck Dunnage Bag provides many improvements over paper or vinyl. Inflatable Packaging’s polymer film clings to stretch film holding the bag and your products in place. IPI Film is also extensible (unlike paper) allowing the bags to stretch and expand. This is especially valuable when shipments travel over higher altitudes where lower air pressure can cause some inferior bags to fail. The fact that IPI uses a transparent polymer allows for operators to better position the bag. It also makes spotting stowaways or contraband much easier. Inflatable Packaging is constantly working to improve upon our industry leading design, to provide even greater durability and ease of use.

Sizing Information

Standard Sizing and Weight
Bags / Pallet
Pallet Weight
Courier Pack
36 x 24
418 lbs
34 lbs
36 x 36
593 lbs
27 lbs
36 x 48
777 lbs
34 lbs
36 x 66
550 lbs
45 lbs
36 x 72
585 lbs
47 lbs
36 x 80
656 lbs
55 lbs
36 x 94
764 lbs
41 lbs
48 x 48
820 lbs
42 lbs
48 x 60
627 lbs
54 lbs
48 x 72
740 lbs
59 lbs
48 x 84
742 lbs
45 lbs
48 x 96
752 lbs
49 lbs
48 x 104
711 lbs
53 lbs