Inflation Checkpoints & Preventative Maintenance

  1. Insert bags one inch above the floor or above the pallet deck and no more than 3 inches above load.

  2. Reduce "voids" to no more than 15 inches
    As a rule of thumb, the smaller the void the better.

  3. Keep incoming air pressure between 65-75 pounds per square inch (P.S.I.).
    Higher air pressures can burn through the bag's plastic bladder.

  4. Keep the air line free of rust and water
    Rust particles traveling at 75 P.S.I can pierce the bag's plastic bladder.

  5. Inflate until pallet/load stabilization occurs and remove probe. Clear view film allows see through alignment of exact "fit"

  6. For disposal on other end just put in same trash stream as the stretch film.