Radioactive Waste Bags

yellow radioactive waste bag

Dry radioactive waste (also called dry active waste or dry waste) is defined as solid low-level radioactive waste that is not hazardous and contains no free liquid. Dry waste is further subdivided into compactable and non-compactable categories to facilitate its management. Extra Packaging manufactures radiation waste bags that comply with U.S Navy Specification SS507. The […]

Asbestos Removal Glove Bags, Asbestos Control Bags and Asbestos Abatement Products

asbestos glovebags being used by 2 workers

Our Avail™ glove bags for asbestos abatement from pipe are the number one choice of professional contractors around the world. The Avail™ system offers 15 standard styles of glove bags, each designed to meet government packaging specifications and provide safe, labor-saving performance for your application. Choose from patented extended-run glove bags for long, continuous pipe […]