Flat Poly Static Shielding Bags

Blue Flat Poly Static Shielding Bags

Blue Anti-Static Humidity Independent Flat Poly Bags Transparent bags resist wrinkles and creases, and protect against static damage. Blue-tinted humidity independent bags need no surface moisture so contents are protected even in dry air. Use with static-controlling padding and conductive containers for maximum protection. 6″ x 6″ Anti-Static Flat Blue Poly Bag – Humidity Independent […]

Barrier Bag Add-Ons

desi pak

Desiccants When you need maximum dryness during transportation and storage of your sensitive surface mount devices (SMD’s), add desiccants to your Dri-Shield moisture barrier bag. Desiccants work by efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and capturing moisture that manages to pass through the bag material. Secure in a strong envelope […]

Anti-Rust Zipper Poly Bags

Yellow Anti-Rust Zipper Poly Bags with metal part inside

Easy closure bags protect aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, and other metals during shipment and storage from oxidation, rust, stains, tarnish, and white rust. Does not contain amines or phosphates, and is environmentally safe. Treated poly emits odorless, invisible, and non-toxic vapors to prevent ferrous surfaces from rusting. Chemical additive in film won’t flake, […]

Anti-Static Bags and Packaging

examples of many kinds of mil spec packaging

We offer a wide variety of anti-static packaging solutions for commercial, industrial and military applications. Our popular static control packaging products include the following products. We can custom manufacture any items similar to what you see. Contact us for any other product needs you may have.

Anti-Corrosion Packaging

example of metal part inside anti-corrosion paper compared to rusted version of part

We carry the most comprehensive line of vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) to fit your corrosion protection needs.  Corrosion is one of the leading causes of product rejection and failure in the metals and electronics industries.  By using an inexpensive corrosion inhibitor in your packaging program, you can reduce product failure and increase the shelf life […]

Air Sickness & Motion Sickness Bags

air sickness bag shown 3/4 view

Our motion sickness bags are designed to provide secure sealing and easy disposability for airlines, trains, ferries, commercial/military transport and more. Our bags comply with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 25, Subpart D, Section 25.853 (a) Our tin-tie and tape-seal bags are available with custom printing of up to six colors. Square-Bottom Paper Air Sick Bags […]