Oven Bags, Cooking Bags, Reheating Bags

oven bags filled with bread

Specifically designed for reheating on airplanes, our oven-safe cooking bags allow the food to brown through the film which can therefore stay in place throughout the cooking period – so preserving both flavor and juices. There is less weight loss so you get more servings, less need for added fats and, of course, a clean […]

Heat Sealers and Equipment for Vacuum Bags and Other High Pressure Bags

heat sealer

As a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions, Extra Packaging is your experienced source for heat sealers and other packaging equipment. Browse our selection of automatic and hand-operated devices for sealing high pressure bags, food vacuum bags and thermoplastic films. Hand Operated Impulse Sealers Impulse Sealers w/ Trim Cutter Medical Impulse Sealer Foot Operated Impulse […]