Spill Containment Berms

4x4 spill berm

Our spill berms are easy to setup and break down in minutes. They are made of thick, rugged, 40 mil polyethylene. Our berms and our aluminum L-brackets are made in the U.S.A. in our Texas manufacturing facility. Set up our berms under: Our customers our berms to contain spills of: Our most popular sizes are […]

Water Soluble Laundry Bags

water soluble bag filled with laundry

We carry sizes from 3″ x 3″ to 60″ x 60″ including new sling bags with double-reinforced bottoms for mops. Perfect for healthcare and hazardous waste facilities, avoid contamination and prevent infections with our environmentally friendly and hygienic solution to minimize contact between staff and infected laundry. Isolate, store, transport and clean soiled clothing, uniforms, […]

De-Watering / Filter Container Liners

dewatering liner in containr

Our De-watering Container Liners are form-fitted filter bags utilized in dewatering containers during solid/liquid separation of sludges. The dewatering Liners are manufactured to accommodate the standard shapes and styles of dewatering containers in use today. Transportation and disposal costs are reduced by minimizing waste streams on site before transfer. Disposable filter bag and retained solids […]

Roll Off Dumpster Liners

dumpster liner shown on red dumpster

Our tough Liners make waste disposal easy. Disposable polyethylene liners for: Dumpsters, Roll-Offs, Dump Trailers and Railroad Gondola Cars. We make lengths from 8′ to 65′ long, wall heights from 5′ to 12′ tall, and thickness’ between 2.5-10 mil. Standard width is 92″. Available in clear and black in full gauge or industry average. Applications […]

Mil Spec Packaging

examples of rolls of barrier materials

We are one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers and converters of military specification packaging. As a leading military packaging supplier, we are a trusted resource for military pouches and barrier roll materials. We can custom make any size or shape of mil spec packaging that you require and we have a substantial number […]

Body Bags for Cadavers, Human Remains

four body bags in a range of sizes from infant to bariatric

Extra Packaging is a leading supplier of body bags. We supply heavy duty, medium duty and light duty body bags, with and without handles, in various sizes from adult to preemie. Our vast body bag product line includes our bariatric sizes, military specification human remains pouches, the innovative BioVu® Body Bags (designed with a clear […]

95 KPA High Pressure Biohazard Bags

95 KPA high pressure speciman transport bags shown empty and full

Our bio hazard bags meet government packaging specifications and can be used for the storage and shipment of bio-hazardous materials, bulk specimens and cryo-boxes. We offer both low pressure bags and high pressure bags that meet internal pressure test requirements for DOT, ICAO and IATA. Perfect for clinical trials. These polyethylene bags are tamper evident […]

Aquatank – Emergency Water Storage and Water Transportation

aquatank 30 gallon filled with water 3/4 view

The Aquatank is the ideal water storage alternative to 55-gallon or smaller drums. They are compact and easily stored, using no more space than a pizza box before being filled with water. Aquatank water container bags are manufactured with FDA-approved, food-grade material as an economical solution for storing and transporting water. They can be re-used […]

Air Sickness & Motion Sickness Bags

air sickness bag shown 3/4 view

Our motion sickness bags are designed to provide secure sealing and easy disposability for airlines, trains, ferries, commercial/military transport and more. Our bags comply with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 25, Subpart D, Section 25.853 (a) Our tin-tie and tape-seal bags are available with custom printing of up to six colors. Square-Bottom Paper Air Sick Bags […]