Mil Spec Packaging

examples of rolls of barrier materials

We are one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers and converters of military specification packaging. As a leading military packaging supplier, we are a trusted resource for military pouches and barrier roll materials. We can custom make any size or shape of mil spec packaging that you require and we have a substantial number […]

Zippered Static Shielding Bags

zipper static shielding bag

Maximum, four layer protection guards against static charges inside and out for total “Faraday Cage” protection. Polyester outer layer features a semi-conductive, static shielding coating. Non-shedding metallic middle layer provides an electrical transference barrier. Thick anti-static, polyethylene inner layer suppresses static inside the bag while resisting punctures and tears. Transparent for easy content identification. Zipper […]

Static Shielding Bags

P/N 1000 Static Shield Bag

P/N 1000 Static Shield Bag When choosing static control packaging for highly sensitive electronic devices, you want a manufacturer with proven expertise and technical proficiency. Extra Packaging’s anti static bags and military pouches are renowned for their superior reliability and design. All of our static shielding bags meet or exceed industrial and military standards. Our […]

Anti-Static Sheet Protectors

illustration of anti-static sheet protector

XT-2000 Sheet Protectors – Permanently Static Dissipative Loose Leaf Protectors Our anti-static sheet protectors provide permanent static dissipation, ensuring the long-term security and integrity of sensitive documents in any climate. They can be customized to the configurations you need. That means no size limits and your choice of design features such as snaps, pockets, and […]

Reclosable Static Shielding Cushion Pouches

Reclosable Static Shielding Cushion Pouch

Designed to meet the MIL-P-81997 TYPE 1 and MIL-DTL-81997C milspec (Government or Military Specification) standards. Extra Packaging is proud to offer AMINE FREE STATIC DISSIPATIVE (CLEAR) ZIP CLOSE CUSHION BAGS. STATIC SHIELDING CUSHION BAG – 3000C The Static Shielding Cushion Bag is designed for providing superior ESD protection to static sensitive components while cushioning the […]

Static Shielding Bags Cushioned

Static Shielding Bag Cushioned with electronics inside

Maximum ESD protection in a three-ply pouch with Faraday cage construction featuring an inner layer of static dissipative .004 poly (MIL-B-81705, Type II and Mil-PRF-81705, Type II), a mid layer of Cancel® cushion and a static shielding outer layer. Our multi-layer construction offers static shielding and impact resistance all in one bag. Available options include […]

Flat Poly Static Shielding Bags

Blue Flat Poly Static Shielding Bags

Blue Anti-Static Humidity Independent Flat Poly Bags Transparent bags resist wrinkles and creases, and protect against static damage. Blue-tinted humidity independent bags need no surface moisture so contents are protected even in dry air. Use with static-controlling padding and conductive containers for maximum protection. 6″ x 6″ Anti-Static Flat Blue Poly Bag – Humidity Independent […]

Barrier Bag Add-Ons

desi pak

Desiccants When you need maximum dryness during transportation and storage of your sensitive surface mount devices (SMD’s), add desiccants to your Dri-Shield moisture barrier bag. Desiccants work by efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and capturing moisture that manages to pass through the bag material. Secure in a strong envelope […]

Anti-Static Barrier Bags, Dry Packaging

ds Anti-Static Barrier Bag

Protect ESD-sensitive products from static and moisture with our Dri-Shield barrier bags. Available in stock sizes or in custom dimensions upon request. Dri-Shield 2000 Metalized Barrier Bag By becoming the first to meet the requirements of MIL-B-81705C Type I, the Dri-Shield 2000 Moisture Barrier Bag technology has reset the standard for DRYPACK™. The Dri-Shield 2000 […]

Anti-Rust Zipper Poly Bags

Yellow Anti-Rust Zipper Poly Bags with metal part inside

Easy closure bags protect aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, and other metals during shipment and storage from oxidation, rust, stains, tarnish, and white rust. Does not contain amines or phosphates, and is environmentally safe. Treated poly emits odorless, invisible, and non-toxic vapors to prevent ferrous surfaces from rusting. Chemical additive in film won’t flake, […]