Oven Bags, Cooking Bags, Reheating Bags

oven bags filled with bread

Specifically designed for reheating on airplanes, our oven-safe cooking bags allow the food to brown through the film which can therefore stay in place throughout the cooking period – so preserving both flavor and juices. There is less weight loss so you get more servings, less need for added fats and, of course, a clean […]

Air Sickness & Motion Sickness Bags

air sickness bag shown 3/4 view

Our motion sickness bags are designed to provide secure sealing and easy disposability for airlines, trains, ferries, commercial/military transport and more. Our bags comply with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 25, Subpart D, Section 25.853 (a) Our tin-tie and tape-seal bags are available with custom printing of up to six colors. Square-Bottom Paper Air Sick Bags […]