Cold Chain Packaging

Thermal packaging materials to keep items cold during shipping when used in conjunction with ice packs. Available in rolls, self-sealing mailers, and self-sealing box liners. Thermal Bubble Rolls Thermal Bubble Mailers Thermal Bubble Box Liners

Spill Containment Berms

4x4 spill berm

Our spill berms are easy to setup and break down in minutes. They are made of thick, rugged, 40 mil polyethylene. Our berms and our aluminum L-brackets are made in the U.S.A. in our Texas manufacturing facility. Set up our berms under: Our customers our berms to contain spills of: Our most popular sizes are […]

Sleeving, Bags and Roll Stock for Radioactive Waste

radioactive waste bags in green and yellow

We provides a wide range of sleeving, bags, and roll goods made from materials that meet stringent quality control criteria and rigorous performance characteristics. Specify the thickness, finish, and color of the material to ensure that we provide you with exactly what you need. We can discuss with you the nature of your project requirements […]

Rigid Drum Liners for the Containment of Transuranic Waste

several rigid drum liners on pallets

Rigid Drum Liners used to line the drums that contain transuranic waste. Transuranic waste material that is contaminated with U-233 (and its daughter products), certain isotopes of plutonium, and nuclides with atomic numbers greater than 92 (uranium). It is produced during the reprocessing of spent fuel to separate plutonium for use in fabrication of nuclear […]

3D Barrier Bags and Shrouds

large 3d barrier bag covering a piece of machinery

Designed to protect items during transport and storage. These 3-dimensional barrier bags are ideal crate and box liners and skid covers. They are perfect for protecting expensive and/or large machinery from corrosion. 3-D shrouds are five sided and are used as covers for an object or as a liner for a container. Comprised of four […]

Vinyl Plastic Holders

illustration of vinyl hospital holder

We have an extensive selection of vinyl holders at factory-direct prices and carry “hard to find” sizes that smaller and less experienced suppliers don’t stock. Hospital Holders SL-3-264 Slide Holder SL-3-108 Slide Holder SL-3-182 Slide Holder SL-3-6 Film Strip Holder SL-3-12 35MM Slide Holder SL-3-111 35MM Slide Holder X-RAY 17- 4 Holder Medical Marker (MM-990) […]

Water Soluble Laundry Bags

water soluble bag filled with laundry

We carry sizes from 3″ x 3″ to 60″ x 60″ including new sling bags with double-reinforced bottoms for mops. Perfect for healthcare and hazardous waste facilities, avoid contamination and prevent infections with our environmentally friendly and hygienic solution to minimize contact between staff and infected laundry. Isolate, store, transport and clean soiled clothing, uniforms, […]

Water Soluble Paper and Dissolvable Products

various sizes of water soluble paper

Our water soluble paper is a unique material which dissolves completely and rapidly in water along with anything printed or written on it. Usage Examples This paper is versatile, suitable for many industrial, structural and functional uses. Our paper is at work in a variety of industries, including graphic arts, printing, food service, auto assembly, […]

Vacuum Pouch Bags

vacuum bags examples with food

Our quality food vacuum bags offer an assurance of freshness and safety for restaurants or institutional food preparation, or they can also be used for protecting disaster preparedness supplies from exposure. Various Examples of our Vacuum Bags in Use 8×10 OD 3 mil Safe Handling Bags Inventory may vary, contact us for the latest information. […]

Truck Liner Film – Construction & Agricultural Film

black and clear film on rolls

Our truck liner film is also known as “construction & agricultural film” or “C&A film.” It is a cost-effective way to line your waste transportation containers. To use, roll the liner film from one side of the container, across the bottom of the container, up the other side, and then cut. Three standard-sized waste transport […]