Cold Chain Packaging

Thermal packaging materials to keep items cold during shipping when used in conjunction with ice packs. Available in rolls, self-sealing mailers, and self-sealing box liners. Thermal Bubble Rolls Thermal Bubble Mailers Thermal Bubble Box Liners

Vinyl Plastic Holders

illustration of vinyl hospital holder

We have an extensive selection of vinyl holders at factory-direct prices and carry “hard to find” sizes that smaller and less experienced suppliers don’t stock. Hospital Holders SL-3-264 Slide Holder SL-3-108 Slide Holder SL-3-182 Slide Holder SL-3-6 Film Strip Holder SL-3-12 35MM Slide Holder SL-3-111 35MM Slide Holder X-RAY 17- 4 Holder Medical Marker (MM-990) […]

Water Soluble Paper and Dissolvable Products

various sizes of water soluble paper

Our water soluble paper is a unique material which dissolves completely and rapidly in water along with anything printed or written on it. Usage Examples This paper is versatile, suitable for many industrial, structural and functional uses. Our paper is at work in a variety of industries, including graphic arts, printing, food service, auto assembly, […]

Vacuum Pouch Bags

vacuum bags examples with food

Our quality food vacuum bags offer an assurance of freshness and safety for restaurants or institutional food preparation, or they can also be used for protecting disaster preparedness supplies from exposure. Various Examples of our Vacuum Bags in Use 8×10 OD 3 mil Safe Handling Bags Inventory may vary, contact us for the latest information. […]

School Take Home Folders and More

take home folders

Our popular School Take Home Folders are our answer to excellent organization and communication for your kids. School Take Home Folders are made of durable, water resistant polypropylene and sealed with ultra sonic sound for a strong, long lasting bond. Our School Take Home Folders are the perfect take home communication tool for your students. […]

Oven Bags, Cooking Bags, Reheating Bags

oven bags filled with bread

Specifically designed for reheating on airplanes, our oven-safe cooking bags allow the food to brown through the film which can therefore stay in place throughout the cooking period – so preserving both flavor and juices. There is less weight loss so you get more servings, less need for added fats and, of course, a clean […]

Lip-N-Tape Bags

lip and tape bag filled with paper stars

Polypropylene Lip-N-Tape Bags Clear 1.2 mil or 1.6 mil BOPP (Flat bags-side weld, self-sealing Lip-N-Tape closure) Sizes: Polyethylene Lip-N-Tape Bags LDPE bags with 1/2″ wide white resealable tape centered on the lip, printed 1/c black with suffocation warning. Sizes: Header Bags Clear or printed header bags are available with reinforced headers and self-sealing lip and […]

Leak Proof Paper Bags

leak proof paper bag

Our bags are leak proof, sift proof, and heat sealable for such uses as: agricultural chemicals, confections, dry foods and more. To meet your size and barrier requirements our bags use: Available with or without tin ties. Custom printing also available. Our leak proof bags are custom made bags. Below are examples of sizes and […]

Insulated Envelopes

insulated envelope

Our insulated envelopes are a lightweight, durable, thermal insulated envelope designed with a spacious payload chamber for your temperature- sensitive articles. Available in popular sizes, the insulated envelope can be used with or without standard overnight boxes for further protection. This envelope addresses the challenge of heat loss with its efficient insulation, reflective exterior surface, […]