Rigid Drum Liners for the Containment of Transuranic Waste

several rigid drum liners on pallets

Rigid Drum Liners used to line the drums that contain transuranic waste. Transuranic waste material that is contaminated with U-233 (and its daughter products), certain isotopes of plutonium, and nuclides with atomic numbers greater than 92 (uranium). It is produced during the reprocessing of spent fuel to separate plutonium for use in fabrication of nuclear […]

3D Barrier Bags and Shrouds

large 3d barrier bag covering a piece of machinery

Designed to protect items during transport and storage. These 3-dimensional barrier bags are ideal crate and box liners and skid covers. They are perfect for protecting expensive and/or large machinery from corrosion. 3-D shrouds are five sided and are used as covers for an object or as a liner for a container. Comprised of four […]

Water Soluble Paper and Dissolvable Products

various sizes of water soluble paper

Our water soluble paper is a unique material which dissolves completely and rapidly in water along with anything printed or written on it. Usage Examples This paper is versatile, suitable for many industrial, structural and functional uses. Our paper is at work in a variety of industries, including graphic arts, printing, food service, auto assembly, […]

Mil Spec Packaging

examples of rolls of barrier materials

We are one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers and converters of military specification packaging. As a leading military packaging supplier, we are a trusted resource for military pouches and barrier roll materials. We can custom make any size or shape of mil spec packaging that you require and we have a substantial number […]

Black Volume Conductive Film

Black Volume Conductive Film

Our black conductive film meets electrical requirements of MIL-P-82646A. It is made from a single layer of carbon-loaded polyethylene and its conductivity does not depend on humidity. It is non-sloughing, does not contaminate components it comes in contact with despite repeated use, and is groundable. Properties: Performance: Product is suitable for automatic bag-making machines: Applications: […]

Nuclear Green Polyethylene

green nuclear film on roll and made into bags

For prevention of rust and deterioration of stainless steel parts in a nuclear facility. Nuclear green polyethylene is a contaminant free barrier product used in government applications and other operations needing a certified, clean barrier material. This material is available in the form of sheeting, tubing and pre-formed bags. Also, a range of millages are […]

Heat Sealers and Equipment for Vacuum Bags and Other High Pressure Bags

heat sealer

As a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions, Extra Packaging is your experienced source for heat sealers and other packaging equipment. Browse our selection of automatic and hand-operated devices for sealing high pressure bags, food vacuum bags and thermoplastic films. Hand Operated Impulse Sealers Impulse Sealers w/ Trim Cutter Medical Impulse Sealer Foot Operated Impulse […]

Cleanroom Packaging

factory worker in clean room

Comprehensive range of cleanroom packaging sizes and thicknesses are available in-stock and we can custom fabricate whatever size or gauge you need. Tubular and Single Wound Roll Stock Available from 2″ to 58″ width Bottom Seal Bags Available from 2″ to 24″ width to 40″ length Pouches Available from 2″ to 24″ width to 24″ […]

Zippered Static Shielding Bags

zipper static shielding bag

Maximum, four layer protection guards against static charges inside and out for total “Faraday Cage” protection. Polyester outer layer features a semi-conductive, static shielding coating. Non-shedding metallic middle layer provides an electrical transference barrier. Thick anti-static, polyethylene inner layer suppresses static inside the bag while resisting punctures and tears. Transparent for easy content identification. Zipper […]

Static Shielding Bags

P/N 1000 Static Shield Bag

P/N 1000 Static Shield Bag When choosing static control packaging for highly sensitive electronic devices, you want a manufacturer with proven expertise and technical proficiency. Extra Packaging’s anti static bags and military pouches are renowned for their superior reliability and design. All of our static shielding bags meet or exceed industrial and military standards. Our […]