BioVu Body Bag - Safe viewing of remains with minimal exposure riskChlorine Free for safe cremation of the remains
BioVu Body Bag - Safe viewing of remains with minimal exposure risk
BioVu Body Bag - Safe viewing of remains with minimal exposure risk

Unique NEW! BioVu© HD Body Bag

As a leading supplier of body bags and human remains pouches, Extra Packaging brings a superior level of experience and ingenuity to the design and construction of its products. The latest addition to our line of human remains transport products is the new BioVu HD Body Bag, with unique features including a clear viewing panel and eight integral padded handles.

Our experience and technical expertise has made Extra Packaging a trusted name for all manner of packaging and storage products, from disaster preparedness supplies to waste transportation liners. To place an order with us or to obtain more information about our products, please call us at 888-353-9732.

Allows the safe viewing of the deceased in the bodybag without risking being contaminated or being exposed to potential dangers. Click the above image for more pictures.
  • Unique optically clear interior vinyl panel allows viewing the remains contained in the bag with minimal exposure risk to personnel. Secured inner panel also allows for examination of remains while maintaining “Chain of Custody” integrity using our serialized tamper resistant zipper pull seals, BBID-KIT or our new disaster ID kit
  • All seams are 100% RF heat sealed to eliminate any possible leakage. Designed for today’s “high-risk” bio-hazard exposures (Complies with OSHA Reg. 3130 - Universal Precautions)
  • Both panels are secured with envelope style heavy-duty zippers with dual zipper pulls for easy access
  • Eight (8) padded handles RF welded directly into and are integral to the bag material for comfortable handling during transport. This eliminates the exterior sewn or riveted “webbing” style handles used on traditional transport body bags. This feature avoids webbing “tear-out” or failure during rough handling, while maintaining the fluid tight integrity of the bag.
  • Impervious abrasion resistant 20 mil HD vinyl exterior material.
  • Static Lift Tested to 650 LB Capacity
  • Adult Size 38" W x 94" L - NEW RECTANGULAR SHAPE
  • Available with or without the BioVu™ Clear Panel
PART NO DESCRIPTION Per Case Price Case 3 Case 10 Case
BIOVU-100-60 38 X 94 ENV ZIP ZIP HD BLACK VINYL 8  HANDLE 5   177.50 155.35 144.25