These are just some of the products that use our bands:
Automotive Parts Notebooks
Bindery Items Upholstery
Blueprints Paper Cups
Bolt Material Plastic Bags
Books Plastic Bottles
Can Labels Plastic Kitchenware
Bank Checks Popsicle Sticks
Contac Paper Postcards
Currency Rope Coils
Draperies Rubberbands
Electrical Cord Records
Envelopes Sausages
Fencing Screen Wire
Filler Paper Towels
Floor Mats Shoeshine Cloths
Floral Items Shirts
Games Silverware
Giftwrap Napkins
Gloves Socks
Hair Rollers Stamp Books
Handkerchiefs Statements
Hosiery Surgical Tubing
IBM Cards Cassette Tapes
Labels Toilet Seats
Luggage Tags Tree ID Tags
Mop Heads Washcloths
Magazines Wallpaper Rolls
Maps Water Filters
Neckwear Wire Coils
printers Glove cleaners
computer paper newspaper
index cards socks
gaskets office uses
Medical uses