We supply self-sealing, wrap-around and pre-formed paper bands for packaging in any specification needed. Contact us with your requirements for size, material and other specifications.

paper bands shown on objects such as currency and printed cards
paper bands shown on objects such as currency and printed cards

There is a large number of ways to our paper bands. Whether the need is to band a product together, label it or tag it for identification, we have the solution.

Cohesive Self-Sealing Paper Bands

Nothing else is needed, just to press the ends together. You could increase your bindery productivity up to 60%; verified by a professional time study at a large printing facility. Cohesive bands are available with latex free cohesive. This latex-free packaging material will withstand all form of sterilization, making them ideal for banding medical devices.

line drawing of Cohesive Self-Sealing Paper Band
paper bands on medical tools


Band sizes: Cohesive bands length is determined by adding the measurement of the perimeter of the product to be banded with the desired overlap of the cohesive bands ends. Minimum size: 1/2″ wide x 4-1/2″ long. Maximum size: 18″ wide x 36″ long.

Preformed Paper Bands

Preformed paper bands with latex free adhesive will withstand all forms of sterilization. Preformed paper bands are ideal for medical device banding or medical packaging.

line drawing of Preformed Paper Bands
Preformed Paper Bands on envelopes

Band Sizes: We manufacture preformed paper bands to your specification. There are no stock preformed bands sizes. Minimum lay-flat size: 1/2″ wide (high) x 1-1/2″ long (face width). Maximum lat-flat size: 12″ wide (high) x 12-1/2″ long (face width)

Glue-Seam Area: Minimum overlap size: 1/4″ wide. Maximum overlap size: 2″ wide.

Coating: Latex free sterilizable adhesive.


Printing: Flexographic, up to 4 colors may be printed on both surfaces

Miscellaneous: May be perforated across band width (height)

Heat Seal Banding Tape

Heat seal tape for most models of electronic banding machines.

rolls of Heat Seal Banding Tape


  • CE banding material
  • ATS US-2000 banding material
  • MBO banding material
  • Akebono banding material
  • Blumer banding baterial
  • Contact us for other specialty materials

Widths: 29mm, 30mm, 40mm, 48mm, 50mm and more.

Lengths: 500′, 1580′, 2620′ and more

Colors: Natural brown, bleached white, colored stripes for MBO machines.