Paper Bands – Self-Sealing, Wrap-Around Bands

We supply self-sealing, wrap-around and pre-formed paper bands for packaging in any specification needed. Contact us with your requirements for size, material and other specifications.

There is a large number of ways to our paper bands. Whether the need is to band a product together, label it or tag it for identification, we have the solution.

  • Bands can be used to wrap up anything including medical devices, money, socks, holding books closed, organizing various sized items and much much more
  • All lengths & widths available
  • Printing available in all colors
  • Bindery banding presses & cohesive material in roll form also available
  • Bindery banding presses, electronic banding machines & heat seal roll stock

Cohesive Self-Sealing Paper Bands

Nothing else is needed, just to press the ends together. You could increase your bindery productivity up to 60%; verified by a professional time study at a large printing facility. Cohesive bands are available with latex free cohesive. This latex-free packaging material will withstand all form of sterilization, making them ideal for banding medical devices.


  • Natural brown kraft
  • Bleached white kraft
  • CCNB (chipboard)
  • 30# machine glazed
  • 65# and 80# C1S (coated 1 side)
  • Tyvek
  • Tritek
  • Contact us for other specialty papers

Band sizes: Cohesive bands length is determined by adding the measurement of the perimeter of the product to be banded with the desired overlap of the cohesive bands ends. Minimum size: 1/2″ wide x 4-1/2″ long. Maximum size: 18″ wide x 36″ long.

Preformed Paper Bands

Preformed paper bands with latex free adhesive will withstand all forms of sterilization. Preformed paper bands are ideal for medical device banding or medical packaging.

Band Sizes: We manufacture preformed paper bands to your specification. There are no stock preformed bands sizes. Minimum lay-flat size: 1/2″ wide (high) x 1-1/2″ long (face width). Maximum lat-flat size: 12″ wide (high) x 12-1/2″ long (face width)

Glue-Seam Area: Minimum overlap size: 1/4″ wide. Maximum overlap size: 2″ wide.

Coating: Latex free sterilizable adhesive.


  • Sterilizable kraft papers medical packaging grade from 21# to 60# basis weight
  • Bleached white kraft papers from 40# to 70# basis weight
  • Natural brown kraft papers from 40# to 90# basis weight
  • Tag stock up to 10 pt
  • Laminates printable & tear-resistant
  • Contact us for other specialty papers

Printing: Flexographic, up to 4 colors may be printed on both surfaces

Miscellaneous: May be perforated across band width (height)

Heat Seal Banding Tape

Heat seal tape for most models of electronic banding machines.


  • CE banding material
  • ATS US-2000 banding material
  • MBO banding material
  • Akebono banding material
  • Blumer banding baterial
  • Contact us for other specialty materials

Widths: 29mm, 30mm, 40mm, 48mm, 50mm and more.

Lengths: 500′, 1580′, 2620′ and more

Colors: Natural brown, bleached white, colored stripes for MBO machines.

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