Reclosable Static Shielding Cushion Pouches
Designed to meet the MIL-P-81997 TYPE 1 and MIL-DTL-81997C milspec (Government or Military Specification) standards. Extra Packaging is proud to offer AMINE FREE STATIC DISSIPATIVE (CLEAR) ZIP CLOSE CUSHION BAGS.

Static Control - Cushion Bags

The Static Shielding Cushion Bag is designed for providing superior ESD protection to static sensitive components while cushioning the product.  Available in 2 layer or 3 layer or custom layer construction with anti-satic bubble.  This semi-transparent, metalized static shielding bag provides full faraday shielding electrostatic protection for static sensitive components & assemblies.  All bags are tested to meet or exceed the electrical and physical requirements of MIL-B-81705C Type III & EOS/ESD Standards.

  • Reduce losses due to damaged components, rejects, reworks caused by ESD.
  • Additional cushioning enhances durability.
  • Additional inside layer of anti-static polyethelyne available.
  • Sandwiching the metal layer between polyester and polyetheyne enhances durability.  
  • Reusable flap design, tuck, tape, or zipper, self closing ESD protective bag in any size required.                        
  • Contruction of bag provides faraday cage effect with triboelectric protection.
9083 Static Shield Zip Close Cushion Bags
9073 Static Shield Cushion Pouch, Flap Closure
2084 Static Dissipative Zip Close Cushion Bag
Custom Multi-Layer Bags
Bench and Field Service Cushion Pouch
9083DKLF Static Shield / Amine Free, Static Dissipative Lead-Free Zip Close Cushion Bag
9073DKLF Static Shield / Amine-Free Static Dissipative Lead-Free Cushion Pouch, Lip Closure

9083 Static Shield Zip Close Cushion Bags
Maximum ESD protection in a three-ply pouch with Faraday cage construction featuring an inner layer of static dissipative .004 poly (MIL-B-81705, Type II and MIK-PRF-81705, Type II), a mid layer of Cancel® cushion and a static shielding outer layer. Armand’s multi-layer construction offers static shielding and impact resistance all in one bag. Options available are outer pocket, static dissipative bubble cushioning, an inner layer of amine-free static dissipative poly, metal slider. Static shield zip close cushion bags are custom made to customer specifications.