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Barrier Bags / Dry Packaging


When you need maximum dryness during transportation and storage of your sensitive surface mount devices (SMD's), add desiccants to your Dri-Shield moisture barrier bag. Desiccants work by efficiently absorbing airborne moisture left inside the bag after vacuum sealing, and capturing moisture that manages to pass through the bag material.

Secure in a strong envelope of either clean room compatible, sulphur-free Tyvek or economical Kraft paper, these desiccants help keep your devices dry. Meets the requirements of EIA 583 and MIL-D-3464, Types I and II. Choose from eight sizes for just the right amount of protection.

1/6 Unit 1200 1/6TYDES1200 1/6KDES1200
1/3 Unit 700 1/3TYDES700 1/3KDES700
1/2 Unit 550 1/2TYDES550 1/2KDES550
1 Unit 300 1TYDES300 1KDES300
1 Unit 1300 1TYDES1300 1KDES1300
2 Unit 150 2TYDES150 2KDES150
2 Unit 800 2TYDES800 2KDES800
4 Unit 500 4TYDES500 4KDES500
8 Unit 300 8TYDES300 8KDES300
16 Unit 150 16TYDES150 16KDES150
Humidity Indicator Cards
Confirm that your Dri-Shield moisture barrier bags and desiccants have done their job by adding a Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) to each package. Moisture sensitive spots on the HIC respond to various levels of humidity with a visible color change from blue to pink. Examining the cards when you open the bag will indicate the humidity level components are experiencing, and will help to determine whether the components are dry enough for solder reflow.


Designed specifically for use in dry packaging Surface Mount Devices, this four spot card monitors the most critical range of humidity at the most economical price. The color reference bar assists in accurate readings of the humidity level. Complies with EIA 583.

Card Size: 2" x 3"
Cards per can: 100

Order Number:4HIC100

Humidity Indicator Cards

Six-Spot HIC

Used in a variety of dry packaging applications, this card monitors humidity levels across the widest range. Complies with EIA 583 and MIL-I-8835.

Card Size: 1 9/16" x 4 3/4"
Cards per can: 200

Order Number:6HIC200

Humidity Indicator Cards

Three-Spot HIC

Popular for military applications, this card meets MS20003 and is approved for use by DOD, NATO, and all governmental agencies for Method II packaging.

Card Size: 2" x 3"
Cards per can: 125

Order Number:3HIC125

Humidity Indicator Cards
Moisture & ESD Warning Labels

JEDEC 113 Label

For use with dry packaging applications. Displays the warning symbol and message in strict accordance with JEDEC 113.
100 labels per roll

Order Number:113LABEL

Moisture and ESD Warning Labels


For use with dry packaging applications. Displays the reaching hand symbol and EIA 583 moisture symbol. Provides writing space for seal date, maximum humidity and exposure time.
100 labels per roll.

Order Number:DRILABEL


Label Dispenser

Convenient, inexpensive bench-top dispenser. Holds two 2" wide rolls or one 4" wide roll.


Label Dispenser

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